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Poor quality shoes is bad for your kids health

March 24, 2016 4 min read

Children are better-off without shoes. In fact, it is most preferable for them to be barefoot at all times. The reason behind this assertion is linked to the role of bare-footedness in providing the desired level of stimulation of the foot by the ground. The stimulation also plays instrumental roles in training the brain for proper gait and movement that children need from their childhood.


In cases where shoes are inevitable, it is better for children to use flexible, light and quadrangular-shaped shoes.


The gait activity of children, especially their neurological memories undergo significant levels of establishment during their first year of acquiring independent walking. For the records, the neurological memories of children involve all activities concerning the communication between the body and the brain. At this point in their lives, balance disorders and gait becomes prevalent if their feet are not permitted to develop properly. For most children, these irregularities occur in varying levels of severity. In subtle cases, the symptoms of this occurrence are hardly visible while in serious cases, it involves increased susceptibility to physical injuries and varying degrees of neurological defects within the body system. The maturity of compensatory mechanisms, balance of children and their general gait mechanics takes time to occur. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the most delicate part of a child’s life is his first five years where the occurrence of neuromuscular interference from footwear occurs frequently until the stage of adulthood. This scenario can be linked to serious cases of physical imbalances that occur in the latter stages of the child’s life, including back pains and frequent injuries which also cause increases in the severity of stress induced by imperfect shoes.


Literature review also supports this assertion. Prominent among these research materials is a publication in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research which opines that the gait of children is affected by shoes. Shoes tend to aid faster walking by children because it permits them to take longer strides by increasing knee and ankle motion with increased anterior activity of their tibialis.  Foot motion is reduced by shoes which also tend to increase gait cycle support phases. During the process of running, the encouragement of rearfoot strike pattern, reduction of shock attenuation and swing phase leg speed. In summary, some items are ingredients for neurological and physical disaster, and also the commencement of a process of severe injuries and impairment which could extend throughout the lifetime of the individual.


There are several untold problems caused by shoes to developing children. Prominent among these problems is brain disorder. Brain development is greatly influenced by the first delicate steps taken by these children. These steps involve the running and walking gait patterns exhibited by these children. The actions are reputed for affecting series of lifelong patterns in their nervous systems. These patterns include posture, tolerance to physical stress and the growth of tissues, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles. In normal cases, the brain creates neurological patters with each relaxation and contraction of muscles, and with each joint movement. It is imperative to know that this process is affected by shoes and instead, irregular movement patterns throughout the body are learnt and designed by the brain.


Furthermore, the impairment of other brain areas can also be facilitated. In normal cases, the early development of children comes with a corresponding triggering of increased flow of blood within and around the brain which is attributed to the neurological input from body movement. This process triggers the provision of oxygen and several other body nutrients to induce growth and development in areas including memory, speech and learning. Without natural feet contraction, for instance, especially in the small immature muscles that induce toe movement, the reduction of the brain maturing process can be induced by over supported modern shoes and impairment caused by wearing thick.


It has been proven that a large number of physical ailments prevalent in adulthood can be traced to this young age. To understand this scenario, think and reflect on the physical problems you have encountered in your life. A careful analysis can reveal that most of these problems began during the development process of important brain-body mechanisms caused by the varying influence of shoes.


Discussing the issue of shoes for children may appear stupid. A large number of people ignore the bad effects of junk foods on kids, or the habit of smoking cigarettes. The degree of body and brain stress caused by wearing bad shoes is equally disastrous. The most ideal, efficient and health friendly strategy for children to facilitate their body development is for them to be barefoot. Parents are also advised to invest greatly in acquiring good and quality shoes for their children. Quality mattresses for adults are as good as good shoes for children!

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