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Heelys Models

November 16, 2016 3 min read

The basis of the design of each Heely shoes is a simple, single wheel at the bottom of the shoe. The wheel can be taken out so that the shoe may be used as a standard footwear. As the Heely grew in popularity, the company started introducing a variety of products as well. Adopting to consumer demand, as the single wheel shoe required the wearer to have a fairly good balance, Heelys introduced the double wheel model. While this makes the turning radius of the shoe smaller, it makes up for the extra balancing ability added, which makes the shoes suitable for nearly every individual.

As Heelys became a common commodity in more people’s lives, the company began to add extra features to certain shoes, especially for more experienced users. The main features that were added included grind plates, a small piece of plastic on the side of the shoe that allows the wearer to grind along curbs, rails, and anything in between.

The second biggest update Heelys introduced was a series of different wheel styles. All Heelys began with the same type of wheel, but soon transitioned to a slightly wider model that became the new standard, these are now known as “fats”, but those models quickly got replaced by different and newer styles including the “deuce” and “the rebel”. “Deuce” wheels have two wheels on one tire slot, allowing for easier rolling. The most sought after style of wheels are known as “free-spins”, because they combine the best features of balance, speed, and braking, as well as having the longest life-span. They also have two wheels, but each is on a different axle so they are able to spin independently.

One commendable model from the footwear range, worth mentioning, is “Evolution”. It is shaped like one of the traditional sportswear. The most talked about features of this model are its strong soul and the classy front look; this is also a model you could wear to your training grounds or your gym. The “Heely Bliss”, a regular lace up with handmade sole and inner material, comes with a combination of style and strength and this is one of those which your kid would love to have in her shoe collection.

The ball bearings used in these models are of ABEC 5 standard which makes them moderately efficient with an intermediate speed limit. A higher number ABEC ball bearings would impart the shoes with too much speed that might end up causing problems for the users so Heelys decided not to use a higher number.

Over the years it has been see that a lot of users gravitated to specific models of Heelys for various occasions and to top up there shoe collection too. Models like the X2, Propel and Launch were highly popular in their time, mainly because of their unique and classy designs. The X2 came with many different styles and has a tough look, which boasts its durability. The X2 is just as light as the Propel model but comes with double wheels, moreover the unique Propel model is mainly worn by adults. The Launch model of Heelys are more of a modern and flat type of shoes that can be easily converted into your everyday casual wear shoes.

A remarkable aspect of the brand is that the wheels and axles are replaceable. Separate wheels are sold in the market and can be replaced with the old, tattered ones. This makes your pair of Heely last longer than any other shoe in your wardrobe. Heelys are a dual purpose shoes. These can be used as simple shoes when you are not rolling around on them. You are, however, recommended to put heel plugs in the base of the shoes when wheels are not in. This will prevent debris from entering the cavity where wheels are fixed. While it is better to keep your pair safe from dirt, you can wear them without heel plugs as well. The material used in the manufacturing of these shoes makes them washable. So you can clean them once they get dusty or dirty.