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Heelys Safety Precautions

November 16, 2016 3 min read

For as long as Heelys have been on the market there have been concerns from parents about their safety. The dangers of having young children riding around without protection on these little efficient shoes, have been largely exaggerated, however, study in 2007, conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, investigated these concerns and found that there needs to be no undue cause for alarm. While the riding style of the shoes did increase the chance of injury, these injuries were largely caused by novice users, with 70% of all Heely related injuries happening within the first five times using the shoes. One death has been attributed to Heelys when a kid rode into the street and got hit by a car. Some doctors raised concerns over their safety, but considering over 20 million pairs of Heelys that have been sold in the last 15 years; this number is still relatively small.

The central placement of wheels in Heelys gives them the shape like that of a pair of inline skates. These could easily get out of control once you lose your balance which could lead to accidents and injuries. Bruises can occur if you are not wearing protective gears as well. Newbies should learn to keep balance straight on two-wheeled Heelys as it helps in maintaining their posture. Studies have shown that it takes you very little time before you learn to keep your balance right. Minor bruises and drops have been reported by users who did not have a substantial amount of experience. However, Heelys have been reported to result in lesser number of injuries compared to those caused by skates, bicycles, and other outdoor activities.

The authorities representing the company claim that the packaging of the Heely shoes include safety tips and recommendations to use protective gears. You should avoid gaining high speeds while rolling around on your pair of Heelys. Rolling at a speed not more than your walking speed is the best way to start your practice with them. Too high speeds can facilitate the risk of falling. Heelers have been found to fall backward on their hands, twisting or bruising their wrists. Wearing a helmet, elbow wear, wrist protectors and knee pads is highly suggested. This will ensure the safety of your kid even if he comes across an undesired situation.

The experts suggest that maintaining a good balance is the key to becoming a good Heeler. Rolling with both feet side by side would increase the risk of falling. You should always keep your strong foot ahead when on the wheels. In case you are not rolling, the wheels should be removed before walking. If you don’t feel like removing them, then you should walk with your toes touching the ground.

Ensure that you and your child avoid heeling in crowded areas like malls or bazaars. In such places, there is an extreme likelihood of you losing control. In such a situation, you would not only hurt yourself but someone else as well in the process. Moreover, you should avoid heeling on hard surfaces. Neither should you heel around on the hard floor inside your house or skate around in a skating arena on your Heelys because falling on a hard surface could end up in serious damage to body. Despite the fact that the number of incidents associated with Heelys are very small, you should still take full responsibility for ensuring maximum safety before rolling on Heelys.