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How to Heel

November 16, 2016 3 min read

The act of riding the wheel on a pair of Heelys is known as “Heeling”. It is actually quite simple to do. Firstly, you put on the shoe like any other sneaker, properly tying the laces so the shoe is tight without constricting. It is recommended that you only heel on a smooth, flat surface. Start with your feet about a shoulder width apart, and then take a step forward with one foot while pushing backward with the other. Lift up the toes of the forward foot, leaving only the wheel touching the ground. Now as you push with the back foot, point those toes in the same direction as the other foot, so that both feet are now pointing in the air, and only the wheels on either shoe are touching the ground. Now you’re rolling! Stopping is simple too, all you need to do is lift your toes up a bit more so that your heels touch the ground, and you should now be coming to an easy stop. Now you know how to Heel, ‘it’s better late than never!’

There are a number of things which you need to consider while kicking off with your Heelys, especially on the road. The most important one is that you should be wearing full body protective gears. The surface you choose to Heel on should be smooth too. A bumpy road or the one with stones on it would elevate the risk of accidents. A road too steep would also cause you to gain fast speeds which could lead to a disaster. When you have check that you are following all the above guidelines, then you’re ready to jump in your pair of Heelys hit the road and start heeling.

As a beginner, you should seek a friend’s help to hold on to him/her as you try to balance yourself. You can also grab hold of a rail to support you while you practice maintaining posture. Placing one foot ahead of the other and trying to find your balance point on the wheels is an appropriate way of finding your footing. In case you lose balance, return your weight to your toes. This will allow you to stop immediately and prevent you from falling to the ground. You can also use your heels to stop as well. Lift your toes high in the air while making contact with the ground with your heels. The newer designs of Heelys come with a metal strip at the rear end of the shoe that does not let it wear out too fast.

Once you gain balance, there are multiple ways to increase your speed when you are using Heelys. One popular technique is to Step, Plant, and Kick. In this process, you first put your weak step forward and then place your strong, tilted foot ahead. Lastly, push yourself with your weak foot from the back. This will help you to gain momentum and you will start rolling forward. At any point if you lose your balance, move to your toes to regain it.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that you should keep both your legs about a shoulder apart during the learning stages of heeling. You should never heel faster than your running speed. If you encounter a situation where you are heeling faster than your running speed, you will be more likely to fall because of a sudden change in momentum.