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Balocchi 602732 Urban Blue Boys Leather Shoes (Ankle/Arch Support)

*Fits True to Size. Please refer to sizing chart below for sizing help...


Smooth leather upper with arch and ankle support,mid boot,textile lining,toe guard,flexible rubber sole, made in Europe.

Balocchi is an Italian line supportive orthopedic Shoes for Kids with soft buttery leather insole and upper. Hand made in Europe with Arch Support. Great for toddler who are having trouble walking or for babies / toddlers who require arch support. 

BALOCCHI - simply natural. Shoes that combine many years of experience, knowledge and care for the production of shoes. From the first steps onwards they guarantee the little foot the right freedom, safety and support.

The Balocchi group was born in 1996 from an idea that took into account a single final goal: wellbeing at the feet of children. It is a special story, born in a region where the production of footwear is a solid tradition and boasts of over 100 years. In a few years it has reached a prominent position in the children's footwear sector. The entire production cycle is developed within our factories, creating high quality and comfort products, through the daily commitment of expert shoe craftsmen.