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Froddo/G2110095/MIROKO 100% Waterproof Toddler Leather Ankle Boot

*Fit true to size. Customers often order 1 size up for the best fit. Please refer to sizing chart below for sizing and then adjust accordingly..


European Made Children waterproof ankle boot

FRODDO year-round leather shoes are made of natural anliline leather, which guarantees maximum comfort. Aniline leather is one of the highest quality types of leather and thanks to it, the shoes are very pleasant to the touch, soft and highly durable.

  • soft, comfortable shoes, with a flexible sole along the entire length
  • practical pulling of the rubber over the tip (protection against soaking and abrasion)
  • round symmetrical tip
  • fastening with two velcro
  • provide comfort, airiness thanks to quality aniline leather
  • helps children's feet to develop healthy and naturally
  • suitable for normal and narrower legs
  • finely padded tongue and space around the foot