Koolsun Wave Kids SunGlasses / UV400 Protection

Now you can buy sunglasses that will not break, thanks to KOOLSUN WAVE fashion sunglasses for kids. WAVE sunglasses are stylish, flexible and strong and have a comfortable grip that will not fall off or cause bruising to the baby’s ear.

The material is safe for baby's and childrens' use, even if it ends up in their mouths. Likewise, it has no funny off-putting odor.

These unique sunglasses have a shiny Black Onyx coloured flexible frame, possibly the perfect unisex color. Apart from being cool and outstanding beach and sunwear, your kid can also use it anytime to block harmful sun rays from damaging the eyes.

Its lenses are Silver Mirror, complementing its frame color and KOOLSUN side logo. Moreover, the lenses are made from durable and strong polycarbonate material that makes them unbreakable. The lenses are certified optical class 1 and category 3, and most effective at blocking harmful UV-B and UV-A rays 100%.

Besides, it comes with Kool microfiber pouch you can use to store it.