Kids Shoes for Tippy Toe Walker (Prevent Toe Walking Baby/Toddler/Little Kids)

  • TippyToe seek to solve the problem for kids who walks on their toes. Most shoes out there with a stiff outsole are heavy and clunky.

  • The TippyToe Walker Shoes are custom designed with a super lightweight, but rigid proprietary footplate from Germany. The custom foot plate is a rigid orthotic insert designed to stiffen shoes, limiting motion in the midfoot and forefoot within the shoe while the boots offers a double Velcro feature that holds the foot inside the shoe and provides structural support for the foot including ankle support and arch support.

    This lightweight thin footplate does not interfere with the shoe natural weight or form. It allows for forced flexing, making it difficult to bend the sole as the child attempt to push up on their toes. 

    • Before you buy your kids’ shoes you need to be sure of your child’s exact foot size. Shoes that are too long can be a contributing cause of your child’s toe walking, as the extra space in the front of the shoes makes it easier for your child to get on their toes.
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    • *Shoes are Handmade in Europe by Froddo
    • *Custom Footplate is deigned in Canada

    *Allow 7 business days for the custom plate installation once your order is placed.