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A Shoekid Guide to Kids Shoe Sizing: From Baby to Youth

May 04, 2023 2 min read


Finding the right shoe size for your child can be a daunting task, especially as they grow and develop at different rates. At ShoeKid Canada, we understand the importance of selecting the right size for every stage of your child's growth, ensuring comfort and support for their feet. In this blog, we will explain the shoe sizing sequence from baby to youth, helping you navigate the process with ease at ShoeKid Canada.

  1. Baby Shoe Sizing (0-12 months)

The first stage of shoe sizing is for babies aged 0-12 months. At this stage, your little one's feet are rapidly growing, and their shoes should provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Baby shoe sizes are typically labeled in months (e.g., 0-3 months, 3-6 months) or with a numerical size, ranging from 0 to 4. To find the right baby shoe size at ShoeKid Canada, measure your baby's foot length and refer to the brand-specific size chart for accurate sizing.

  1. Toddler Shoe Sizing (1-4 years)

As your child transitions from a baby to a toddler, their shoe sizing will change as well. Toddler shoe sizes typically range from 4 to 10, often including half sizes to accommodate the variations in foot growth. When shopping for toddler shoes at ShoeKid Canada, be sure to measure your child's feet and consult the provided size charts to ensure a proper fit.

  1. Little Kid Shoe Sizing (4-6 years)

For children aged 4-6 years, shoe sizing moves into the "Little Kid" category. Little Kid shoe sizes generally range from 10.5 to 13.5, again including half sizes. As your child's feet continue to grow, it's essential to measure their feet regularly and use the size charts at ShoeKid Canada to find the perfect fit for their growing feet.

  1. Big Kid/Youth Shoe Sizing (6+ years)

The final stage of the shoe sizing sequence is the "Big Kid" or "Youth" category, typically for children aged 6 years and older. Youth shoe sizes range from 1 to 7 Youth, encompassing both half and whole sizes. At this stage, it's essential to keep monitoring your child's foot growth, as some kids may need to transition into adult shoe sizes earlier than others. Use the size charts available at ShoeKid Canada to find the right size for your growing child.


Understanding the shoe sizing sequence from baby to youth is essential for ensuring your child's feet receive the proper support and comfort they need during every stage of their growth. By measuring their feet regularly and consulting size charts at ShoeKid Canada, you can confidently choose the right size shoes for your child. Visit ShoeKid Canada today to find a wide selection of shoes for every age group and give your child the foundation they need for a lifetime of healthy, happy feet.