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BILLY Men's Black to the Floor Sport Inclusion Athletic Sneakers (EasyOn)

*Fit true to size. Please refer to sizing chart below for sizing...


No matter how you get around, you will be moving with style in these Men's Black to the Floor BILLY Sport Inclusion Too Athletic Sneakers. These kicks have a padded collar, comfortable insole, and incorporate our innovative short-wrap zipper configuration that makes them easy to put on and wear all day.

Coming in a D-width for medium and 3E-width for wide, the sizes start at a US Men's 7 and go to a US Men's 14, with 1/2 sizes through size 12. Enjoy!

Upper: Sport mesh
Inner: Lightweight breathable fabric 
Outsole: Molded foam with rubber tread
Laces: Adjustable. Cotton-blend.
Removeable inserts.