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Pedag Kids Insoles & Shoe Inserts / Made in Germany


The cushioning kids insole made of latex foam and with our little, smart dragon Pedi. Vegan. No matter if playing with friends or frolicking around in the garden: the feet of the little ones already have to bear a lot of weight and stress. This is why it is much more pleasant for feet to walk on a soft underground. When there is a funny cartoon inside the shoe, children enjoy this experience even more. pedag SOFT is a cushioning latex insole coated with a comfortable textile surface that our smart pedag dragon Pedi is printed on. It will accompany your child ? step by step. The perforations and the grooved profile of the insole improve the circulation of the air; the pleasant lime scent provides additional freshness inside the shoe. Our children?s insole pedag SOFT is washable and therefore extremely hygienic.


  • Includes 1 pair
  • Subtle lemon fragrance
  • For light comfortable padding and improved fit
  • Hand wash and air dry