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Robeez 6 Pack Infant Socks - Varsity Stripes


Through all the crawling, napping and play, baby socks are notoriously prone to falling off little feet. An elastic gather at the ankle ensures that our baby socks stay on, while a skid resistant application on the soles helps prevent slips and falls. Our gripper-style baby socks will provide your child with the traction they need to explore their ever-expanding world.

  • Easy On/Stays On - Elasticized ankles make putting and taking shoe off easy
  • Durable Comfort - High quality materials provide comfort and durability
  • Good for Foot Development - Soft, flexible sole allows foot to grip while protecting feet and giving feet room to grow
  • Skid-resistant Sole- Suede sole prevents slipping

  • 6pk crew silhouette with ribbing and varsity stripe detail. All pairs have stay-on elastic gather & non-skid slip-guard application on the bottom
    Varsity Stripes