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TippyToe Kids Carbon Fiber Insoles for Toe Walking, Tippy Toe Walking, Idiopathic Toe Walking,Toddlers and Big Kids


For Toe Walkers; These insoles feature a carbon fiber footplate that offers gentle support to help correct idiopathic toe walking in children. Packaging includes a left and right insole (Pair)

Though lightweight, the carbon fiber footplate is exceptionally rigid, restricting toe bending and effectively limiting toe walking. Its slim design ensures that the natural weight and shape of the shoe are not affected, while its inherent stiffness makes it challenging for the child to push up on their toes.

For optimal results, place the insole beneath the shoe's removable insole and use it in conjunction with your podiatrist's ongoing treatment plan. The insole works best when used with proper fitted secured shoes.

Key Features:

Streamlined Design: Effortlessly fits under insoles or orthotic devices with a sleek profile. Superior Support: Made from carbon fiber, it prevents toe walking by inhibiting MP extension with unparalleled strength. Optimized Toe Angle: Facilitates proper toe-off with subtle precision.