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Glass Fiber Kids Insole for Tippy Toe Walkers (Made in Germany)


The glass fiber footplate provides mild support for idiopathic toe walking in kids. The footplate is light weight but very stiff, and limits toe walking because the toes cannot bend. This lightweight thin footplate does not interfere with the shoe natural weight or form. It allows for forced flexing, making it difficult to bend the sole as the child attempt to push up on their toes. 

Must be inserted under the shoe removable insole and best used to support ongoing treatment with your podiatrist. Effective when the shoe can be secured to the child's feet.

Size ordered is already adjusted to insole length not shoe size.

Key Features

Sleek design
fits under insole or orthosis.
Rigid support
helps prevent toe walking by blocking MP extension.
Slight toe angle
assists with toe off.